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Article I

The Club

Section 1: This organization shall be known as the Pee Dee Area Coin Club (PDACC).

Section 2: The objectives of this organization shall be to:

· Encourage and promote interest in numismatics,
· Cultivate friendly relations among collectors,
· Maintain and protect the interest of its membership.

Section 3: The PDACC operates on a fiscal year basis, January 1st through December 31st.

Article II


Section 1: Any person 18 years of age or older shall be eligible for full membership, under 18 years of age for junior (Young Numismatists) membership.

Section 2: Individuals interested in club membership must first attend a club meeting. During their next meeting the individual may submit an application for membership.

Section 3: All applications for membership shall bear the endorsement of a member in good standing and shall be submitted to the elected officers of the club, who shall serve as a membership committee. Upon majority recommendation of the elected officers, such applications shall be submitted to the club members for a vote. No applicant shall be elected to membership if the applicant receives less than three- fourths (¾) majority approval of the members present and voting. Any applicant, once rejected for membership, cannot again apply for membership within one (1) year.

Section 4: Upon acceptance, applicant shall pay one years dues and assume membership immediately.

Article III


Section 1: Dues:
· Ten dollars ($10) per year for adult membership.
· Five dollars ($5) per year for junior membership.
· Fifteen dollars ($15) per year for family membership (living within same address).
· Shall be paid upon approval of application for membership.
· Shall be paid on or before the first regular club meeting in January for the coming year.

Section 2: Prorating:
Members admitted the first six (6) months of the club year (January through June) shall pay the full amount, all others shall pay one half (½).

Section 3: Arrears:
Members four (4) months in arrears for dues shall be dropped from the rolls. Any suspended member may be reinstated by a majority vote of the membership in attendance once dues have been made current at the full year rate.

Article IV


Section 1: Good Standing is defined as current with club dues.

Section 2: Expulsion: Any member in good standing, who has reason to believe that another member is violating any objectives or rule(s) of the club, may bring charges for expulsion against the offending member. Such charges shall be presented to the president, who shall appoint an Ethics Committee of three (3) members in good standing to investigate. As a minimum, one (1) of the three (3) Ethics Committee members shall be a current elected officer. All committee members should have no conflict of interest to ensure an impartial investigation is performed. If a majority of the Ethics Committee confirms the charges brought, a full written report shall be provided to the Secretary for inclusion into meeting minutes and an oral report provided to the club membership. The club membership shall then vote on expelling the member no later than the next scheduled regular meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) majority is required to expel the member. The club shall refund the current years membership dues to the member being expelled. The expelled member cannot reapply for membership for a minimum of one (1) year from date of expulsion.

Section 3: Any member who has been in good standing for a minimum of five (5) consecutive years and whom the club member feels is deserving , can make a PDACC Life Member by two-thirds (2/3) majority vote. All club members shall be notified at least one (1) meeting prior to the vote. Upon confirmation, a PDACC Life Member number shall be assigned to the member and at no time shall that number be utilized again. PDACC Life Members are permanently exempt from any club dues so as long as they remain in good standing and are not expelled from the club.

Article IX

Order of Business

Section 1: The following order shall be used to conduct all regular meetings:
· Call to Order
· Pledge of Allegiance
· Reading of minutes from last regular meeting
· Gold, silver and platinum market report
· Treasure’s report
· Communications and bills
· Reports of standing and special committees
· Reports of the officers and Board of Directors
· Unfinished business
· New business
· Education topic for discussion
· Remarks for the good and welfare of the club
· Report of ill members and their families
· Adjournment

Section 2: The following order shall be used to conduct all special and Executive Board meetings:
· Call to Order
· Reason for special meeting
· Roll call of officers
· New Business
· Adjournment

Article V


Section 1: Regular meetings of the club shall be held on the second (2nd) Thursday of each month. The President, when necessary, call special meetings. Meetings shall be called to order as soon after 7:oo PM as practical.
Swap meets shall be held on the fifth (5th) Thursday in all months that have one (1) No club business is discussed at the Swap Meet.

Section 2: Annual elections shall be held during the regular club meeting on the second (2nd) Thursday in November of each year at 7:00 PM.

Section 3: An annual dinner banquet shall be held at a time and location determined by the Executive Board, convenient for a majority of the club members, usually in December.

Article VI


Section 1: The club management shall consist of an Executive Board made up of an Executive Committee and Board of Directors. The Executive Committee includes the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Directors consists of five (5) additional club members. All Executive Committee and Board of Directors members shall serve in their positions for a period of one (1) year beginning the second Thursday of January.

Section 2: Any member in good standing shall be eligible for office.

Section3: All elections for offices shall be conducted by secret ballot with the major of all votes cast being necessary to elect. Members must be in good standing and present to cast a vote.

Section 4: The five (5) officers of the Board of Directors shall elect amongst themselves a Chairman of the Board. The Chairman shall be liaison between the Board of directors an Executive Committee officers, and shall oversee any and all meetings of the Board of Directors.

Section 5: Sequence of events for electing club officers:
October: Submit nominations to club
November: Voting for nominations
December: Announce election results
January: New Officers take office

Article VII

Duties of Officers

Section 1: The president shall:
· Preside at all regular and special meetings.
· Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
· Enforce order and strict adherence to the Constitution and By-Laws.
· Appoint all committees.
· Appoint qualified members to fill officer vacancies, to serve until the next annual election.
· Personally represent the club on all legal matters including signing of all required tax returns and business documents.
· Have no vote on any question before the club except in the case of a tie; he/she cast the deciding vote.
· Vote in the annual elections and for Life Memberships.

Section 2: The Vice-President shall:
· Assist the president as called upon.
· Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence.
· Assist all committees appointed by the President as required.

Section 3: The Secretary shall:
· Maintain a record of each meeting. The record shall include:
* Date, time and location of each meeting.
* Reason for meeting (regular, special, executive).
* Officer presiding.
* Elected officers present.
* Vote on the reading of the last regular meeting Treasurers’ Report when required.
* Details of all business, including motions, with whom moved and seconded votes, deliberations and recommendations.
* Any and all points of interest to the club.
* Time of the close of the business meeting.
* Record of attendance and donation prizes awarded and to whom the were awarded.
* Record of donations received during the meeting.
* Record of gold, silver and platinum market prices.
* Notify cognizant members of meetings requiring their presence.
* Maintain a complete file of correspondences connected to the club.
* Maintain an up-to-date listing of all active members with the Treasurer.
* Disenroll members who have not paid annual club dues by the first meeting in May.
* Maintain copies of all completed tax returns for the club for the previous seven (7) years.
* Deliver to the office of his/her successor, all books, papers, records and other property of the club in his/her possession.

Section 4: The Treasurer shall:
· Receive and distribute such funds as authorized by the Board of Directors and/or president.
· Keep an accurate record of all funds received and distributed.
· Receipt and disposition of funds shall be documented in a ledger.
· All receipts shall be retained for a period of seven (7) years or as necessary to support club, state and/or federal auditing.
· Pay all authorized bills and expenses.
· Receive all dues.
· Maintain an accurate list of active members and provide this list to the secretary as changes occur.
· Provide a list of members who have not paid their annual membership dues at all regular and Executive board meetings occurring during the months of January through April.
· Provide quarterly Treasurer’s Report at regular club meetings and additionally as directed by the President.
· Have the authority to spend a maximum of one hundred dollars ($100) for items, which he/she deems necessary to the club, but in no case shall this be done more than once within a three (3) months without the consent of at least two (2) other Executive Committee members.
· Prepare all necessary tax returns and provide them to the President for signature. After the tax returns have been reviewed and signed by the President, submit the original tax returns to the appropriate State and/or Federal agencies and one (1) copy to the Secretary.
· Maintain sufficient copies of auction cards to sell as needed.
· deliver to the office of his/her successor, all books, papers, records and other property of the club in his/her possession.

Section 5: The Board of Directors shall:
· Exercise a general supervision over the officers of the club, and in all detail.
· Make recommendations for the improvement and welfare of the club.
· Approve the purchase of the coin show, attendance, regular club meeting and annual dinner prizes.
· Meet four (4) times per year (quarterly) at a time and place convenient to and decided by all Board Members.
· Audit club financial accounting records in December of each year submitting an audit report to the club at the first meeting in January. This audit and the report shall be jointly performed by no less than two (2) members of the Board of Directors.
· In December of each year, consider all club members selecting no more than one (1) member as PDACC Member of the Year for their contributions, leadership and mentorship to the club during the period of January to the present. This member will be awarded the next years membership at no cost, during the first regular meeting in January.

Section 6: Any officer failing to discharge his/her office for three (3) consecutive meetings (unless a satisfactory excuse is given) shall have that office declared vacant by the President. If this applies directly to the President the Vice-President shall declare the office vacant and assume the Presidency.

Section 7: Office Vacancy:
A vacancy does not mean that all officers move to the next position. A lower office other than the ones used to fill the vacancy shall remain in place. The President will then appoint a qualified member to fill the resulting vacancy until the next annual election

Article VIII

Modification of By-Laws

Section 1: The Constitution and By-Laws may be amended, changed, revised or altered by a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of the members present, provided that all members in good standing were notified either verbally at a preceding meeting and sign a roster acknowledging the same, or in writing of the proposed changes at least one (1) week prior to the regularly scheduled meeting during which the changes are to be voted on.

Section 2: Any club member may recommend a change to the By-Laws. Recommendations shall be submitted directly to the President who shall then appoint a five (5) member By-Laws Committee. This committee shall consist of two (2) Board of Directors members, one (1) of which will serve as the Committee Chairman, and two (2) club members in good standing who are not presently Officers of the club. The fifth member shall be the member proposing the change. The Committee will draft a formal proposal for amendment. No less than four (4) committee members must be in complete agreement on the wording of the draft. The Committee will then submit the proposed change to the President.

Section 3: No amendment may be put to a vote at the same meeting that it was proposed, but must be voted on within the next three (3) meetings .

Section 4; All amendments, upon passage, shall go into effect immediately.

Section 5: In the case of disputes that are not covered by the Constitution and By-Laws, they shall be referred to Parliamentary Law (Robert’s Rules of Order).

Article X

Section 1: The President shall appoint the following standing and/or special committees and/or Chairman, as he/she feels necessary:
Sickness and distress Publicity
Nominating Entertainment
Bourse Ethics
Exhibits Education
By-Laws Club Historian

Section 2: The President may appoint other committees as situations dictate.

Section 3: Committee budgets must be pre-approved by a three- fourths () majority of Executive Board members if expenses will exceed one hundred dollars ($100).

Section 4: The duties of the committees are as follows:
Sickness and distress:
* Send a suitable card to members who are known to be sick or hospitalized.
* Send flowers in the case of deceased members.
* Arrange for all advertisements pertaing to coin shows, special events and those designated by the President within a preset budget.
* Provide name of suitable members as candidates to fill officer positions for the coming year.
* Only one (1) person is to be nominated by the committee for each Executive Board position.
* Obtain a suitable location for the annual banquet
* Provide the club with prices at two (2) regularly scheduled meeting prior to the event.
* Plan and carry out all duties and details pertaining to the annual banquet; menu, beverages, gifts (with Board of Directors approval), entertainment, etc.
* Arrange for a suitable location and dates for coin shows.
* Notify and attempt to secure a suitable number of dealers to support the show.
* Arrange for adequate security and insurance.
* Arrange for set-up and removal of tables.
* Ensure that the room is cleaned to the providers requirements.
* Make every attempt to cover expenses at the show.
* Solicit potential members.
* See Article IV
* Obtain members to support exhibits at the coin show or special events.
* Obtain three (3) persons to judge the exhibits.
* Obtain prizes (with Board of Directors concurrence for exhibit winners.
* Provide to the President an annual list of topics; any member may present information at any meeting.
* Help in the development of presentations.
* Approve any topic not presented to the President at the beginning of the year.

General Information

(Not a part of the By-Laws)

One or more coin shows may be sponsored by the club and are held the second Saturday in April and the second Saturday in October. Other shows may be sponsored as determined by the officers. Up to three (3) show attendance prizes are awarded at the drawing held at the end of the show.
Winners need not be present to win. Winners are randomly selected from donation tickets received during and in support of the coin show(s). Donation tickets are priced at one dollar ($1) each or six (6) for five dollars ($5). Proceeds from these donations support the attendance and donation prizes at club meetings and sponsored club shows. All members are encouraged to sell as many donation tickets as possible.

As time allows, the club shall hold an auction after the conclusion of regular meetings. The auction rules are as follows:
· Any member in good standing may submit up to ten (10) lots for the auction.
· Visitors may bid on items but cannot submit items.
· Lots should be of a nature consistent with numismatics.
· Junior members lots will be auctioned first and require their responsible senior member to be present.
· Auction lots will be offered in the order that the consignors sign in.
· Members must use a PDACC auction sheet for listing auction lots.
· Auction sheets are available at a cost of one dollar ($1) each.
· Auction sheets are not reusable.
· Consignor should grade item, however, the buyer is ultimately responsible (buyer beware).

An attendance prize and donation prize shall be awarded at each regular meeting. This shall be done after the close of the business meeting and prior to the auction. Donation tickets shall be one dollar ($1) each or six (6) for five dollars ($5). Members must be in good standing and present to win the attendance prize.