Jan 09, 2017



The Pee Dee Area Coin Club held its first meeting of the new year on January 9th, 2017.  The meeting was held for the first time at Shoneys on Hwy 52 in Florence SC.  Also new to the meeting was the meeting day, now being held on the 2nd and 5th Monday of the month.


The meeting was brought to order at 7PM by our 2016 President, Howard Garland.  All officers of the club were in attendance.  There were 22 total in attendance.


Old News:

Meeting location:  Shoneys Restaurant on Hwy 52

Meeting time:  7pm

Meeting date:  2nd and 5th MONDAY of the month


New News:

Nominations and elections for new officers for 2017 were held during our January meeting.

The following officers were elected:

            President – Howard Goldman

            Vice President – Ronnie Westbrook

            Treasurer – Mary Hawley

            Secretary – Vicki Clark

            Bourse Chairman – Howard Garland

A special thank you to those who are continuing in officer rolls from last year and to our members who have not served before.


The Pee Dee Coin Club membership drive began at this meeting.  We had 15 members sign up for single or family membership.  Please note, we are creating a new distribution list and only members will be on the email list.  For members who have not paid, please pay at our swap meet or at our February meeting.  Single membership is $10 and Family membership is $15.


Special dates:

  January 30th – Swap meet at 7pm at Shoneys

  February 13th – Next monthly coin meeting

Coin Show – April 15th & 16th??  - These dates still need to be confirmed.  It was noted at the meeting that the 15th and 16th is Easter weekend.  A discussion was brought up whether there are other dates available or if we should only have one day due to the holiday. 

Bourse chairman is to advise if SiMT has any other dates available.

It is imperative that the dates be confirmed ASAP to get information out to dealers and the public.


Show and Tell – A thank you goes out to Ronnie Westbrook who brought coins for show and tell